General info

Paid parking project info

The paid parking zones have been implemented since  October in Makhachkala. 

Parking price: It is free in first month. After 30 rubles per hour. 

Fines for unpaid parking1000-2000rubles (2000 for the repeated offense).

The paid parking zones, ways of payment and on-street parking rules are available at this page.

The purpose of paid parking system implementation

The project is designed to increase the capacity of central streets to ensure the comfort for vehicles. 

The project's main objectives are:

  • to lower the street-road network load;
  • enhancing of the speed of traffic in the zones of paid parking;
  • enhancing of the circulation of the parking places;
  • reduction of the flow of private transport coming to the paid zone and stimulation of the public transport use, of biking;
  • reduction of traffic, and as a consequence, reduction of the СО2 emission;
  • to improve of the ecological situation;
  • creating the context for designing pedestrian zones and bicycle paths in the city.

The organization in charge of administration of the parking space in the city of Makhachkala: MKU "The management of the industry, transport, communication and road infrastructure"

In case you have any questions concerning Belgorod paid parking system, please contact our call center  +7 (8722) 554443