Parking rules

Parking rulesZones of paid parking on the road network : 
  • Batiray str. both sides (from the crossroad with Dzerjinsriy str. to the crossroad with Tolstoy str.);
  • Dzerjinsriy str. both sides (from the crossroad with Batiray str. to the crossroad with Korkmasov str.);
  • Tolstoy  str.  side at the market (from the crossroad with Batiray str. to the crossroad with Korkmasov str.).

Open hours: Everyday - 8:00 to 20:00.

Parking cost: It is free in the first month, after 30 rubles per hour. 

Time to pay for parking:  since 15/11/2016 - 15 min (if a vehicle left the parking within 15 minutes, the payment is not required).

Time to use parking lot for free -  15 minutes per day.

Payment is not required if a vehicle have left paid parking lot before the end of period set for parking payment process.

In case if a vehicle was not able to leave paid parking lot after the end of period free of charge for parking, vehicle's owner has to pay for ALL period of parking session.

If a vehicle was placed at different parking lots in paid parking area twice or more times per day for a time period less than 15 minutes per each session, the total parking time free of charge is 30 minutes per day. 

After the end of prepaid time period, a driver has to leave parking zone within 10 minutes or pay for the next parking period. .

Parking payment  is controlled by the mobile equipment with photovideofixation.

Payment methods for on-street parking:

Placement of vehicles on parking bays is paid by the decision of Belgorod city administration. Placement of vehicles is free of charge for:
        Vehicles ofemergency services with identification marks, colors and labels:  ambulance, Fire Service, police, military, automotive inspection, rescue services, the Federal Security Service, investigating authorities of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation;

    The  paid parking zones are not designed for storage vehicles. The owners of the vehicles are responsible on their own for any risks of theft and damage caused to vehicles by third parties in the parking lot

For any questions concerning paid parking zones, please contact our call-center +7 (8722) 55-44-43