Mobile application

Mobile application

Mobileapplication is available at AppStoreGooglePlay or WindowsStore.

You have to register or login to your account after themobile application was installed.

Via mobile application, you are able:

    How to pay for on-street parking via mobileapplication

    To pay for parking lot via mobile application, please follow the instructions:

      Picture 1 – loginto mobile application "Makhachkala Parking "


        Picture 2 – Howto top up a parking balance at mobile application “Makhachkala Parking”


          Picture 3 – Thechoice of parking zone to pay via mobile application “Makhachkala Parking”


            Picture 4 – Pay forparking via mobile application “Makhachkala Parking”



              Picture 5 – Confirmationof successful parking payment via mobile application “Makhachkala Parking”


                Picture 6 – Currentparking sessions at mobile application “Makhachkala Parking”

                To review your parking account;

                To top up parking account;

                To pay for parking session;

                To terminate parking session;

                To prolong parking session;

                To browse actual parking sessions;

                To check your payment history;

                To review a list of LPN for parking payment;

                To build a route from your current location to a selected parking lot;

                To find a nearest parking lot.

                Authorize at mobile application (if you already have been registered at, use the same name and password you indicated previously) (Picture 1);

                If you do not have enough funds on your parking account, please top up it with one of offered option (Picture 2);

                Select the parking on the map or in the list and press the button “Pay for parking” (Picture 3);

                Indicate LPN of your vehicle, parking duration (multiple of 1 hour) and time when you would like to get a notification that your parking session is expiring; then, press button “Pay for Parking” (Picture 4);

                After pressing the button “Pay for Parking”, you will see a message that your parking session has been successfully paid (Picture 5);

                You can check the payment at section “Current parking” (Picture 6). Here you also can terminate or prolong your parking session.